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I'm Nicole Dieker. I've been a full-time freelance writer since 2012, and I published my first novel, The Biographies of Ordinary People, in 2017.

You might be familiar with my work at The Billfold, The Write Life, or Lifehacker. I've also written for Reviews.com, Popular Science, Wing World Magazine, and more. (So many more.)

I know a lot about earning money as a writer. I earned over $87,000 from my writing in 2016—that's gross, so I didn't get to keep all of it, but we'll talk about taxes and business expenses on the podcast.

We'll also talk about how to pitch, how to build relationships with editors and publications, how to conduct interviews when you're on a tight deadline, how to track (and grow) your income, how to track (and manage) your time—and for those of you who want to be authors as well as freelancers, how to write and self-publish a novel.

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    What I've Been Up To

    In which I explain what I've been up to since May, and ask what you'd like to hear in Season 2 of the podcast.

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    How to Self-Publish

    How do you turn a file saved on your computer into AN ACTUAL BOOK? How do you get that book on Amazon? Or in bookstores? What about libraries?

    This episode takes you through the process of publishing your book and getting it out into the world.

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    Why Self-Publish?

    Since my novel The Biographies of Ordinary People: Volume 2 is releasing next week, this month's podcast episodes are both about SELF-PUBLISHING. Today, we're looking at WHY you might choose self-publication; later this month, we'll look at HOW to self-publish.

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    Talking to Dana Kaye About "Your Book, Your Brand"

    I got to chat with Dana Kaye of Kaye Publicity about her book "Your Book, Your Brand: The Step-By-Step Guide to Launching Your Book and Boosting Your Sales." We discuss how to create an effective brand, how to reach out to media contacts, and when people should do their own publicity vs. when they should hire a publicist.

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    Let's Talk About Taxes

    It's almost Tax Day! But since most of us have probably already done our 2017 taxes, this episode is all about how freelance taxes will change in 2018.

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    How to Evaluate Potential Clients

    Learn how to decide whether a client is right for you BEFORE you apply for the gig or say yes to the editor.

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    The Art of Interviewing: Part 2

    The second half of our Art of Interviewing discussion! Today we look at how to contact a source, how to prep your interview questions, how to conduct the interview, and what to do after the interview.

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    The Art of Interviewing: Part 1

    Interviewing is often one of the hardest parts of freelancing — it involves asking people for help, dealing with rejection, and PHONES — so I've broken the interviewing process down into a series of easy-to-manage steps. This episode deals with everything you need to do before you ask someone for an interview; the next episode will be about how to ask, how to do the interview, and what to do after the interview.

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